About Us

The main objective at Republic Property Tax is to assist our clients by insuring that their Houston property tax is assessed fairly, resulting in significant financial savings. In order to accomplish this objective, we gather
important information by using generally accepted appraisal methods.



Once the data is collected, we will serve as an advocate and present this information during the appeals process to be considered by the local appraisal district.

In order to provide the best service to our clients and accomplish our mission, we have set the following goals that keep our team focused.

Communication & Accessibility
To keep a continuously open line between us and our clients, we have developed a web-based client care system that shows the status of the client’s case and can create customized reports. Through this service, clients can communicate with the RPT team at any time. Important data about property, real estate values, tax, and other appeals information can be accessed as well.

Community Involvement
RPT professionals are always on the lookout for opportunities that allow for community involvement. Our clients and our firm often benefit from our involvement which creates professional relationships with other institutions and leaders in the community.

Multifaceted Professional Service
We strive to provide our clients with the most complete range of services available. The delivery of all our services will be completed with professionalism, integrity, and transparency. Our team is always accessible and accountable for everything that we do throughout the tax appeal process.

Most clients are ultimately interested in the bottom-line which is measured by how much you save through your property tax appeal. Our firm will help decrease potential legal expenses in the future by ensuring compliance with your current property taxes. RPT can provide full property tax management and possibly prevent clients from making costly mistakes by noticing potential tax implications with pending purchases.

All of our commitment and services can be utilized with no risk if you decide to retain Republic Property Tax to dispute your unfair property taxes. Our firm only seeks a percentage of your refund if you win your appeal. We receive nothing if we are unsuccessful. Contact RPT today for a consultation.